Monday, 27 May 2013

Another chapter

Today I must begin. I must begin documenting where I've been and my experiences.
I've spent most of today daydreaming of my trip out west in August, and all of the fun Jacqueline (my cousin) and I have planned.  I will be arriving in Edmonton August 15th, staying until the 25th. We are planning on visiting Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper for the first half of my trip and then stay in Eddy for the residual time.
Of course I will document it later when the time comes post trip and I have amazing pictures to post, but I had to get some of the excite ment out. Below is a picture of one of the campgrounds we are staying at called Two Jacks Lakeside Campground
. So pumped .
To say a little about the past weekend, I was able to take a trip up north to Owen Sound, I did some hiking around Inglis Falls as well as Indian Falls. When I'm in these areas I often think of how lucky I am to be able to access the nature when I have spare time, also to see such amazing creations. I feel so free when I'm hiking and exploring, baking almost has a similar effect but not quite.
While I was at Indian falls I actually slipped on the hill while climbing a steeper part and hitting some mud, luckily my footing wasn't too awkward and I managed to regain control of myself. It's in those moments where you think "wow, what a rush" and/or perhaps primarily "that was close". Those very moments make you feel so alive.
Ta ta for now.
Here are some shots from Saturday, woo ha. Cheers for now!

This is a rock wall at the Inglis Falls site in Owen Sound, so cool, very fun to climb, if so intrigued.

These are the monstrous falls called Inglis Falls. Beautiful.


Last but not least the Indian Falls, quite a fun hike, you can get down right into the falls unlike Inglis Falls.

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