Sunday, 2 June 2013

Saturday enjoyment - First day of June 2013

I can't decide if the weather we're having is typical for June or not. It was around 26 degrees and quite muggy when I went out yesterday. The stickiness almost deterred me from going into the woods, however I welcomed the chance of rain.
I wanted to stay close to my place for this hike as I had to prepare dishes for the family BBQ and head to Willow Beach around 2 pm, so I went to the Kortright center for Conservation.
Below is a picture of the visitors centre, as well as a picture of the glass house where they will host wedding venues (PS - they also do them in the woods...which is my ultimate dream :)), click the link and checkout some of the pictures you won't be disappointed.

I arrived around 10ish, this is the first conservation where you have to pay a fee for access to the park as well as a parking fee, total was $10.50, the most I have ever paid is $5-6.00. Anyhow, after seeing the level of maintenance of the trails, the solar power/energy walk and other attributes of this place I wasn't surprised there was a bigger fee.
I hiked all three of the trails, the Forestry Path, Power Trip trail and the Sugar Maple Bush with all of the lookouts. I had to go into the visitor's centre to get a map of the trails, the entrance booth the fee is collected didn't have any. Anyhow, the trails were amazing. I met a group geocaching inside as well as a couple who also didn't receive a map and asked for a picture of mine.
The highlight of this walk/hike was really just accessing nicely groomed trails and seeing some of the wildlife inhabiting the park. I've attached some pictures I took below:

 I believe a bear did his damage here :)


After I did the think I prepared a jeweled rice (brown basmati rice, slivered almonds, raw pistachios, dried cranberries,  orange zest, shredded carrots, diced onion, tumeric, cumin, etc.) for the bbq my Auntie D hosted for me getting through my CGA (so nice of her xoxo), very tasty dish, I got the recipe from a Bon Appetit magazine, it called for saffron, however I neglected to use it as I don't think it was required.

And then I made my very own, (first time ever) duck. It turned out amazing. I used Peach marmalade and soy sauce as a base, stuffed quartered orange pieces in the cavity. Trust me, no one was let down when the duck hit their plate :)

I was home by 1am (not bad) it was a great time, I received a lovely satchel for a tablet from Aunt D, it's beautiful, only to someday receive or buy a tablet, not currently at the top of my list, however I now have the perfect accessory for it.  The best times spent are times with family where you can eat, drink and relax. The same applies to the greatest of friends. 

Well enough for one day don't you say? Time to hit up the gym, lord knows there was a big enough feast had by us last night to feed an army :)

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