Monday, 5 August 2013

Cheers to: Birthdays, Family, Vacations, Cottages, Camping, Kayaking, Paddle boarding...Hooorah!

Good afternoon my friends!

Has been quite a while, mostly due to the past few weeks being packed with people and activities (as I write I have to get  my act in gear for making it to Barrie for a famjam and continue to plan some trails for the Rockies :)). I am ecstatic to be so lucky to go west and experience some of what the Rockies have to offer, it's been a dream of mine since I was a child, it's amazing what doors open when you close others and allow the new ones to open. Interestingly enough, last night, I went to dinner with my folks, we went to Mandarin. I'm not a huge fan of buffets, but we had just came back from a week of cottaging, I didn't feel like cooking and cleaning it up, so I said let's go out where we can grab what we like, relax and enjoy ourselves, after we'll go for a nice walk. Well, my fortune cookie said, and I quote, "Doors will be opening for you in many areas of your life." Now I understand that this is quite broad of a fortune, however, it is applicable, there are a lot of things happening and I hope more to come, especially with work, family and friends.

I wanted to update on a few of the gems which have highlighted my past two weeks.
My parents arrived on the 25th of July, which was Warren's birthday, my mother found out she had a pinched nerve in her back upon her arrival as I made a quite appointment for her to see the physiotherapist, so that put a bit of a dent in her visit, however she survived and was able to do some of the things she wanted to. We caught up on True Blood together on Thursday night, then Friday headed to Warrens, they caught-up while I panted the latter ball posts (which I'm excited to play tonight). I should snap a picture. Maybe tonight while I'm there. Friday night we headed to Second City in Toronto, what an amazing show put on there, the last segment was improv, which was my favourite. If you are ever in town, need a laugh, make sure you indulge in this splendid treasure. Prior to the evening beginning there we had a big laugh at Mom, which was mean, but memorable at that. She wanted to know where the washrooms where so when the young man came to our table to take our drink order she had her back to him and she turned her head to the side and said "where are the washrooms?", while asking she turned her head so that it was facing down, which made her look either extremely shy and/or mentally impaired. The young man looked at me (as I was facing him and sitting across from Mom) had an odd look on his face as if to say "Who said that?" and replied. Warren and I almost fell out of our chairs laughing. It reminded me of growing up, all the times that we caught on to things faster than most and were able to laugh. I chuckle to myself thinking about it now (it may be a "you had to be there" moment), but you catch my drift. Around are some of the pics from Toronto. I enjoy bikes, so I snapped a shot of a bike I really liked, the rest were either right outside the theatre or inside before the show. Some are just random Toronto snaps, like the CN Tower, which has a crane used for the condo construction in front of it.
After getting back to Warrens we hit they hay, then woke up, packed up and headed to Lake Cecebe. It took about 1.75 hours from Barrie to get to Magnetawan, we were joined by my Aunt Debbie/Uncle Ed (Mom's sister & Husband), great friends of theirs Lisa & Mark + 3kids and additional cousins. My motto always goes, "the more the merrier" I was happy to see all at the cottage, it is owned by Lisa's family. We pitched tents, ate dinner, then I went kayaking, it rained, however it was refreshing to be out of work, on the lake, without a care in the world. I rejoined them all for a nice corn boil, and campfire by the lake (AHHHHmazing). The next morning started with sunrise, quick breaky, swimming, paddleboarding, catch-ups and gratitude to Lisa for allowing us to be there the week. Her, Mark and the kids were leaving that day, as well as Aunt Debbie and Ed. Aunt Debbie and Ed were coming back Thursday evening along with two of my great aunts, however, we had the cottage for the majority of the week. We were able to take advantage of many of the places the area had to offer such as Burks Falls, Knoepfli falls, Peter Camani's Screaming Statues, lots of paddles, boat tours etc. I'm attaching pictures I really wanted to share, a lot of the screaming statues, a few sawmill cranes, a blue heron and a dear I saw. These are just some from my camera. I have a lot more on my phone as well, but I will do a post on the lovely sunsets and other items later. Enjoy!

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