Friday, 19 July 2013

Enchantment.... It is written in the clouds!

We've had quite a week of weather, I've had the luxury of snapping really clear shots of the moon this week as well as cloud formations with sunset backdrops which together provide the perfect spectacle. This week has been rather busy, and on top of driving around in the heat, going to the gym, rollerblading lakeshore, all in 35+ degree weather, I was due for an evening of relaxation. I picked up pho on the way home, made some gluten-free cinnamon-sugar dusted coconut cookies and then took a peep outside to see what I may have been missing. To my surprise, I saw a piece of a cotton-candy coloured sky in one direction, and complete darkness, which somewhat resembled a death rider scene from Lord of the Rings, in the other.
 In case you're not familiar I've attached a photo of what a death rider is. I had to go for a walk in my joggers and flip flops to get some shots, I thought about what I was wearing outside for a minute, but then I was so excited by the clouds that I just went for it and walked around the block to get a few different angles of the clouds. So, without much further ado, I shall attach these cloud shots.

And there you have it, you can see why these are simply something I had to share. It's almost a panoramic view of what the sky looked like, without the black, I didn't snap shots of that. Actually as I write now the thunder and lightening has once again started. If I timed the lightning I could get a cool shot of it I'm sure, but I think that may be picture overload for one night.
This was admittedly one of the best nights I've had all summer, don't get me wrong I've had some much larger nights of entertainment and friends, and more to come, but the stormy nights that sneak into the week are always a welcomed splendor.
Night night!

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