Monday, 9 September 2013

Emerald Lake Pt. 2 - Long and overdue

So sorry for flaking out on these posts. I haven't had time since I've been back to actually write, spent last week in Penetanguishene, ON for a job (I know, the luxury!).

Continuing on, Day 2 in the rockies. I left off at Emerald lake, and some of the shots from the hike around the lake. Still, probably my favourite "scenic" days of all. We also canoed around the lake - here is a pic of Jacq with her canoe club skills :)

On the way back from Emerald lake we stopped at Takkakaw Falls, we had to climb this ridiculous road/mountain on the way in the truck, it was literally terrifying! The road zig-zagged up the mountain and it was full of hair-pin turns (So tragic) I think it would be super fun in a mini, but not in a big truck, you feel so high off of the ground. Truth be told, I may have discovered a little fear of hights during this drive that I never knew about. Kudos to Jacq for driving it, I would have parked and walked it - LOL. Below are some of the shots from that portion of the day.

Tunnel in the mountain along river

Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls

Bridge you walk across to get to the falls.

Crazy drive up the mountain!
After our adventure to the falls, we drove back to Lake Louise campground and set up our camp, it was spitting a little bit so we quickly put the tent up (tried to smash the pegs in but it was more rock than the first camp ground so they went half-way - LOL). I chopped a bit of the wood for later or the next night as we were staying at this camp ground for two nights. We sat back for a bit under the tent's fly that pulled out from the door, had a Twisted Tea and planned out our next move. Jacq was much happier because this campground was fenced in, no bears getting in! We regrouped, got our bags together for a nice hot shower, got dressed up and went for an amazing meal at the Emerald Lake Lodge. There was a wedding reception at the cafe (next to the lodge), so they had nice flower baskets hanging. Here are some shots of our amazing meal, some canoers on the lake and the river we crossed to get to our campsite.

At reception when you walked in to Lodge (beautiful!)

My Appetizer -Roasted King Scallop, Cucumber, Fennel, Citrus & Watercress Salad


               Jacq's -  Heirloom Tomato, Warm Goat Cheese Tart, Arugula & Basil, Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic

Jacq's main -
       Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Roasted Shallot Potato Mash,Charred Spring Onion, Morel Mushroom Veal Sauce

Mine -

                       Seared Northern Caribou, Sweet Potato Goat Cheese Terrine,Summer Fruit Game Glaze

Bow River - running along our campground at Lake Louise
As you can imagine, this was a full day for us. LOL - so after our grand meal we crashed. We rose early for white-water rafting in Golden, BC - Stay tuned.... :)

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