Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Day Three - A Saturday for Whitewater Rafting down the Kicking Horse River

On our third day we woke up a little early, we had to be at the rafting place for 8:30ish as it all began at 9AM. The drive was very scenic, lots of cliffs, beautiful rocks and more trees of course. I took some shots along the highway of cool things. Above is a picture of the rafting place we arrived at. Inside the garage was where they hung all the wet suits and other equipment for rafting. The guys working were really funny, very successful at making us all laugh and enjoy our time throughout the day. So the first shots below are the drive in, there were a few bridges and rocks to drive through, the final shot is a shot of all the gear we were suited up in. We left our camera and phones in the truck so we weren't able to take shots along the way, but there was a photographer Jacq bought some of the pics from.

We chose to do the day long raft, so we stopped at lunch time for a BBQ along the river, it was really good. The only part I didn't enjoy was the outhouse that was not cleaned for weeks, it was disgusting to pee in it, I think I gagged the full 30 seconds I was in there, and the worst part was that our wet suits were wet and they were hard to peel off our butts to actually pee! hahaha (tragic I know) I should have just peed in my suit and jumped in the river.

This was our group. The guys in the back of the raft were travelling from Italy, Mauricio and Richardo, I nicknamed them Maurice and Ricky. They were bouncing the raft in this shot which is why we're all laughing so much. We were a bit of a rowdy crowd (suprised?) I can't remember the other two guy's names, however they were from Sasketchewan/Winnepeg and Beaverton. We had a great crowd, the day was so fun. Perhaps the best part was doing cowboys off the front of the raft and watching the guys loose their balance and fall in. At one point Jacq and I jumped off the raft with Maurice and floated down some rapids without the raft. The water was soo cold as the river is glacier fed, I was the last one in the water but my hands were pretty much numb, I couldn't really feel them when I tried to pull myself up on to the raft.
When rafting was over we went back to the lodge, had a fire outside after stripping down and putting our dry cothes back on, had a beer and chatted with everyone. I so meant to get the other two guys names who rode motorbikes across Canada each summer but somehow forgot to do so.
Jacq and I left, we went back built our own fire, made yummy sausages and relaxed. It was hands down one of my favourite days. Here are some more shots. The next day we packed up and headed to Jasper, stopping at other major highlights along the way. :)

Action shot - we were in front on the first part of the trip
Going under the Bridge

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  1. Great post Jenna!!! Amazing photos! Way to take time for yourself!