Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fabulous Fall.. being aware

I am very aware of how long it's taken me to post something new here, or even finish posting about my trip west, however there are two things in the way; one of them  being that it is fall and it is my favourite time of year to get outside and take shots, the second being that my Dad has been sick and I've been so caught up in family and work that I haven't been spending much time on my self. I am also aware that when I do this (as it's happened in the past) I sometimes feel consumed by the energies of worry, negativity, doubt etc. I look to all of the strong things in my life when this occurs i.e. job, loved ones, freedom, and I remember how important it is to be grateful for how I've got to where I am and where it is that I want to go, all the people who have helped me along the way. I can honestly say that when things are happening in you life, the good, the bad, the happy and the sad, there are always people there for you, people who will relate to you, people who will fill your days with joy. I am quite terrified of what could happen with my Dad, I truly am, do I let that show everyday, no, am I thankful for everyday I have with people I hold close to my heart, yes.

Enough of the sap. For all of those who know where I'm at, I feel you too. Why does the heart grow so heavy? As if the worry isn't causing our brains enough trouble, the heart has, has, has to feel it too.


Let's sum up the rest of my trip west so I can move on =) (this is going to involve posting more photos and letting them speak for themselves!). After day three we packed up the next morning, headed to Jasper. This day was full of shots of the mountains due to the drive, we stopped at the columbia icefields, peyto lake, athabasca falls and then hit Jasper. We had a wilderness tour in the evening. When we arrived at the campground (Whistler's) the park attendant working at the station bluntly noted that we should sleep in the truck if we plan on camping there, that they quite frequently have bears roaming the park on a daily/nightly basis because at this time of year the bears head north. So... if that wasn't enough to suggest that camping there in a softshell tent hoping there was not a scent of food on the truck or in the cab was not a great idea, I don't know what was. Jacq quickly offered to pay for a hotel room for the night, and I quickly obliged. We bartered a room at one of the hotels and managed to get a 15% discount. Good enough. The wilderness tour was somewhat worth the money we paid ($58/2 people) the tour guy told us where to go and what times the animals were active (dusk/dawn) so we ventured out in the tour bus, which was a bit crammed, and observed the animals. We saw an osprey, elk, big horn sheep and, deer. It was somewhat eventful, however the next day (our last day in the mountains) was much more eventful. We went to Maligne Lake, and hiked Bald Hills and ran into a bear on the way in, as well as mama bear with her cubs 25feet in front of us on the trail on the way out. It was alarming to say the least, I don't remember the last time my knees shook so bad... actually I retract that, the last time I was that nervous and trying to hide it was when I did my speech at my brothers funeral, that's how nerve racking running into a bear that close is when she has her cubs and she's walking towards you. I will give props to my cousin for her efforts in getting me to "face the bear" LOL, I will never for the life of me forget that moment.

So below are some shots from the rest of the days in the mountains, enjoy!

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