Monday, 27 January 2014

Arctic cold fronts, musical breaks, alluring skates, all thanks to the start of 2014.

Hello and welcome to the first post of 2014.

What in 2014 is worth a mention today? Perhaps the third week in this year of -20 degree Celsius weather. The dreadful cold that we have so nicely been rewarded with which makes you not want to leave your house in the morning (.. maybe that's another issue altogether...pft), regardless, it's the coldest I've ever experienced for January. This week the winds have decided to pick up, so now there is an added windchill which makes it feel like it's -35 degrees (booyah). Do I consider the cold "extreme weather" not necessarily, if there was a lot of blowing snow along with it each day, perhaps. The snow hasn't been too bad, it's really just the bitter cold. I hope January takes the cake for this "Arctic cold front," and the temperatures come up a lot for February.

That is probably the only negative thing I can say about Canada for the month of January. The other items to be mentioned have been pretty incredible.

I was able to get out for an early skate with my older brother an a friend in Barrie. It was nice to get back on the skates, I know I roller bladed in the summer, but ice skating beats that any day. There is something about every time you go for an outdoor skate you always pair it with hot cocoa on the way home or make a yummy one once you are home. Phenomenal mix, I swear.

Mid January we went to a show at the Sound Academy, Jake Bugg and Albert Hammond Jr. were playing. To be honest I had never heard of them before December, but when you're with someone who has amazing musical taste and contributes to your collection you start exploring after a while. This exploring has for sure enabled me to take in some great shows. Jake Bugg even did a cover of the great Neil Young, coincidentally enough so did Frank Turner when we went to see him in December. Both performed the songs well, I captured both on my phone because I was so happy to hear that. Jake and Frank are both English folk/indie artists, I was in love on both occasions. I really enjoyed Albert Hammond Jr. too - he sounds great even with a flu. Since the pictures do the artists no justice and my vids take so long to upload, there is neither offered here :P but here is a link to the Jake Bugg performance of Neil Youngs - My My, Hey Hey.

The weekend following we got away to Ottawa for the weekend, skated 16kms up and down the Rideau Canal, had a fantastic dinner (service wasn't the greatest), stayed at the Lord Elgin (stonethrow from the canal through the park) and woke up for another skate and brunch. It was an amazing time. I have, included some of the pictures my guy took from the day which I've edited here and there. I would do this again many times, there were so many people on the canal, it's very scenic, and for sure makes you feel Canadian. To the right is a map of the Rideau Canal Skateway.

Lord Elgin - Across the street is the Confederation Park which you walk through to get to the canal

Where we entered the canal this is right across from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa

The Laurier overpass on the Rideau Canal

The Queensway overpass on the Rideau Canal

A little hub in the Patterson Creek area - at the 2.2km mark.

One of the best shots - The Fairmont is the castle looking figure in the back :)

Along the canal - huts with Beavertails and hot chocolate - we stopped here.

A very handsome couple :) our photographer was having a nervous time, but he did well.
Aside from the trip to Ottawa and a few social outings here and there :) I was able to join a friend who came in town to visit for a week at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The evening consisted of violins, woodwinds (oboe and bassoons - which are my fav) and piano. The gentleman playing Mozart on the piano was incredible, what a night. I'm looking forward to more musical outings in 2014, Toronto really has so much to offer.


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