Sunday, 14 July 2013

Flooded Monday to Sunny Skies and Summery Times

Monday began with the dark (to the right), it rolled in to Vaughan around 4:30ish. What started with a beautiful day, quickly turned into a blackened mess. The rain came down so hard, if you were in a building you didn't want to leave. Then of course the power went out, it was temporary in Vaughan, but people in Toronto were without power for hours, and some without internet for days.

The flooding on lakeshore was extraordinary, not like the flooding in Calgary by any means, but it was not on a small scale. Below is a picture of lakeshore, downtown Toronto. Never in my life has this ever happened, pretty wild.


Humber Bridge
 The calm after the storm was great. We had a few really nice evenings, Thursday was the best. I had been trying to hook up with someone for a wicked rollerblade on lakeshore, Thursday was the day. We went from 230 Queensquay E all the way to Humber Bay, so it was around a 25-30km round trip rollerblade. Took us just over 2 hours, what an incredible time, my muscles are actually still sore! My favourite spot was crossing the Humber bridge, we stopped and noticed the love locks people put on the bridge, so romantic, such a cute idea. I want to one day put a lock there. This is a shot of the bridge, if you ever get the chance to rollerblade down there, do it, don't hesitate. If not rollerblade then bike or walk it. This reminds me more of why I should be living downtown.....within the next year :)

To conclude other acitivities from the weekend another time as it's still midday Sunday!

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