Monday, 1 July 2013

Oh... Oh Oh Canada. I really do cherish thee.

Happy Canada Day!

One of my favs - Emily Haines
The weekend began with these awesome people showing up at my place Saturday morning around 11:30. We had a blast, the weather was perfect, super hot by the time we hit Butler's Barracks at Niagara-on-the-Lake. After listening to Yukon Blonde, Serena Ryder, and Jimmy Eat World, I was more than pumped to see Metric perform. Metric is very likely 1 of the top 5 bands I love most these days. Anyhow they did not disappoint, the storm clouds rolled in while they began and it pissed rain, exhilarating! I loaded some shots from the day. The storm passed quickly, then City and Colour came on stage, they were great too. Look how happy Emily Haines from Metric is on stage... that's when you know they're truly proud to be Canadian and performing on home land!



Saturday came to an end when we got back to my place from Niagara at 2:30AM. Had I of been 10 years younger it likely would have continued :) Then came Sunday. Sunday was off to a rough start after all the fist pumping and jumping up and down from the day in the sun and concert before. However, I knew, Digital Dreams would be nothing to miss. It was the second day of the festival on lakeshore in Toronto, I knew once my friend and I got there we'd be lovvvvin' it! We met these really cool people, danced, jumped, fist pumped much more and had suuuuuch an amazing time. Where has this been our whole lives? Oh right... we don't get these kind of festivals in Halifax. So much confetti, costumes, glow sticks etc. Below are some pictures. I also attached some of the fireworks I caught today after a 5 hour concert in Scarborough with the Auntie D today of quartets from all over the world, it was literally music to my ears :) This whole weekend has been, in like a lion, out like a lamb as they say.... looks like this saying holds true for now!

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