Friday, 28 June 2013

Damp, drizzly....yet surprisingly not drab.

This week has been another eventful one. I haven't had much time to devote to blogging so I've allowed myself a release tonight before the weekend get's a little cray and I'll need to spill again.

My cousin came on Wednesday, we were treated to a really nice dinner in Yorkville at a restaurant called Sassafraz. I neglected to take pictures, but they had a living wall inside (so cool) and the food was delectable. I even tried the oysters. My main was the Alberta venison, it didn't even taste like it, more like beef, the marinade was really nice as well. We went for a little cruise in the rental car she had for work, a Fiat (top down, which means the whole roof on a Fiat) it was a great night for it, we went for frozen yogurt once we were back in Maple. The Fiat is zippy, I would enjoy it.......maybe in a busy city with secret streets designated only for compact cars, but other than that I don't think I'd trust my life with it. My cousin calls it the clown car. I did like the car, don't get me wrong, I'm sure we looked cute in it, it's just the safety thought when you hit the 400 and the 401. Upon waking up the next morning, I had this rabbit (top right) hanging out in the grass, Storm (the cat below) was so fixated on it. I opened the door, but it's not like birds in her mind, she doesn't go after the rabbit, where as with birds she has this instinct to harm them or go after them. I can't believe how much this one has grown since a year ago when I got her! I'v'e put two additional photos up so you can see, she's still wild and beautiful ;)

My camera came in at work this week, it was supposed to take 10 business days, but it came in less than 5 days of me ordering it with the points at work. Needless to say, I've been itching to get outside, hike, and use the camera/get used to it. So the pictures you see tonight are an honest first attempt :)
I only really had tonight, and it was really rainy, so I practiced some in the apartment with Storm, and then I hit Holland Marsh for some contrast shots and then back to the trail where I saw the deer the other week. Below is a picture of the flats in Holland Marsh, it has some of the most nutritious soils for growing, which is why they grow most vegetables there, I passed a lot of onion, lettuce, and corn fields. I also posted a picture of the river in Holland Marsh, which has risen quite a bit, as you can see.

After observing the area and watching some rain fall, I determined going into the woods would be ok, as long as I covered my camera. So I tucked it in my raincoat, and away I went. You'll never guess what I saw that made me realize it was the best decision of all.... why another deer of course, this time I could test out my zoom on the new camera to get more of an up-close-and-personal shot :) Here it is...
 Isn't she pretty!? I think so. I love running into wildlife in the woods, it's one of the best experiences of all. You feel so much closer to nature and natural things in life. The love I have for the nature will never fade, I truly am a hippy at heart.
Three additional cool shots I took prior to running out to avoid getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I believe the white are blackberry blossoms :) I love love fresh blackberries, I'll have to make sure to return here later this summer. Bedtime as this weekend is full of travel and concerts! Woo Hoo. Happy Canada Day Weekend everyone, enjoy!

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