Monday, 10 June 2013


My cat (Storm) has taken the liberty at awakening me each morning around 4:30 AM. This has been happening for weeks now. Today I was prepared, I had such a great night sleep Friday and then last night in Barrie that it didn't phase me and I jumped out of bed. I can't imagine what it would be like with 2 or 3 even 4 children (props to Mom for being such a Mom).

Though I didn't make it on any major trails on the nice day we had yesterday. I did get to hang out with my Dad, brother and two of his awesome friends Robin and Jesse. They are always great to see, such an animated, enlightening and hilarious pair.

Speaking of pairs... da da da...these are the newest addition. My Dad gave me $100 towards a new pair of hiking boots for getting my CGA. I was so happy, I originally went to MEC with a different pair in sight, I had performed some research so I knew I wanted Gortex for the water resistance, lightweight and ankle support. I found a lot of the boots to be to wide for my feet as I have a more narrow foot so the original pair felt too loose past my heel, which I knew would lead to multiple blisters in the future due to the friction. So these fit like a glove, they are La Sportiva's, and I love them. I unquestionably cannot wait to jump on to a trail with them and would have yesterday if I didn't get caught up with my vehicle and then catching up with the kids mentioned above.

I did have the chance, prior to having a great phone call catch-up with a friend on the west coast, to get out for a walk and admire the local greenthumbs in the neighbourhood as well as their varieties of trees & bushes. These are two of my favourites, their sweet scents are out of this world.

    This one to the left is a lilac variety, I love the blossoms on it, there is nothing like walking by a lilac bush in bloom, you can't help but want to cut some of the plumage for a fragrant table display. I have seen quite a few varieties of these bushes over the years. Though I love the purple, there is also a sweetheart pink out there somewhere, and the flowers are very similar to the ones here. I love the pink :)

This lovely tree to the right is called an Acacia tree, these flowers, are in such beautiful globular clusters, almost like the wisteria vines. They are also very fragrant, probably one of my favourite scents in the world, it's not often I run across this scent. They say the Acacia trees originated in Africa with an argument for Australia, I'm not to worried about the tree's origin, however I am thankful. Apparently a variety of Acacia's run along the Nile river. The seeds are commonly eaten and the scent often used in perfumes. I haven't, to this day, seen many of these trees, especially in the forest. Which leads me to believe the city of Vaughan did it's homework when decided which trees to plant and perfect locations within the parks (as you can see there is a pond behind it).

Before I jump into the shower and get this work day going(I know haha, I must share yet another sunset and cloud mix with ya'll, who doesn't love a nice sunset? This was from my little walk last night as well.

Enjoy your day & week.

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