Saturday, 8 June 2013

Gray days with mixtures of golden rays

If you are anything like me you'll probably remember some major events in your early childhood and have forgotten the others. I believe some of these moments pave the path to moments you continue on either throughout life or rejoin later in life. For example, when I was in grade primary (5 years old) there was a piece of our playground at school that went into the woods, it was fenced off about 5 meters in, but it was my most favourite area to get lost in on our recess and lunch breaks, it was a place where I was most curious. Today, though my knowledge has dwindled some of that curiosity, I still have those moments. Perhaps it's an inner child experience, whatever it is I really love it.
Today I had intentions of heading north, pickin' up new hike boots on the way at MEC, and going for it. Then on my way I saw this...
 And I realized it may not work out today as I didn't have all the rain gear. There is tomorrow, as Dorothy said, always a day away.  
I mentioned on Wednesday how crappy I had been feeling over  the past week and a bit, its a lot to do with overloaded work, highly caffeinated afternoons, reduced sleep and workouts. What do I do when these times come? Well, if you should ask. I tend to get in the kitchen and bake. Last night I made a paleo blueberry baked bread pudding and today for a makeshift BBQ I baked a cheesecake and made bruschetta. I forgot to take a pic of the bread pudding but below are the other two.

We also had some asparagus, couscous salad, baked potato, jerk chicken and grilled portobellos. (Its ok if that made your drool, it packed a flavor-loaded punch). My older brother has been pestering me to make a cheesecake for weeks, et voila!
Tomorrow I plan on venturing out after picking up the boots I've been eyeing for a while. I'll make it back home hopefully to do some painting I've been meaning to do.
I can't wait until July when work slows, this year has zipped by. 
I was just playing guitar with my Dad, he taught me house of the rising sun, which is great for arpeggiation and getting that damn F major down. Somedays I want to take three consecutive sick days (max per year) just to hammer out one or two full songs. Those are the days I realize why people who play so well have developed their skill over many days of unemployment or nights where they've not succumbed to the pressure to work overtime.
I realize, it takes time, a lot of time... 
Funny how some things come naturally and you aren't overly passionate about them, others must be developed and, some, well some are just impossible.

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