Thursday, 20 June 2013

De Mello sur un Jeudi ... Melodramatic on a Thursday

The title actually suggests a bit of the opposite of how I've been feeling lately. This week I've felt a little flat with what I want to do next (like a really bad hair day when you can't get your hair curled the way you want). I know being patient is the key to many things, and good things come to those who wait. There is somewhat of a contradictory to this, in saying, you are the creator of your own destiny. Now, true to my libra roots, I must balance between the two.... jump into the next best thing, or wait for the tides to shift and something else will come along. How melodramatic is that for you?

I've actually labelled the title to this post after a recently opeend café on Younge St. called De Mello Palheta (Top left). After sitting here for about an hour deciding what to write and what to include for pictures because I haven't hiked since the weekend I finally decided. To the right you will see the delectable café latte I began with (incorporating a favourite shape in the word), the date square I fully enjoyed eating and Amanda's vegan/gluten free banana chocolate almond cookie. The date square was appetizing, mostly because I haven't had a square in so long that the butter and brown sugar combination really sang to my tastebuds. The cookie was really great per Amanda, not too sweet, fitting for a more diet conscious person.
 I should also mention while we were here we had a gentleman who purchased a coffee and cheese scone sit at our table. While we were discussing styles for men and how it's such a great thing when a guy knows how to dress, he gave his 2 cents. He noted that he thought a woman should suggest to a man what to wear more often. Now I'm not sure if he meant in the sense of a relationship or outside of one, but in today's day I'm not sure how many men would take light to a woman suggesting he wear something else. It reminded me of grade 12 when we had a new english teacher, first day of school, he had this weird hawaiian looking shirt on, or a shirt with prints we'll say. I remember raising my hand and asking him if he was seriously going to wear that shirt all day or if it was a joke. He didn't get upset, he was more happy that I pointed that out and broke the ice. Four years later after I had finished university and was at the high school for my younger brother, he mentioned it again and how happy it made him.
I guess what I'm trying to say is... perhaps, we can get away with helping a man with what to wear. :) Try it out!

 Speaking of gluten free, I did try my hand at baking a gluten free banana loaf on the weekend, it turned out pretty good, I found a paleo recipe and put it together. I found it a little dry without the traditional butter and sour cream, but it didn't make me dislike it, I guess it just wasn't as succulent as other recipies I've made. I do enjoy some of the paleo recipies I've tried. The fish cakes with the lemon & dill sauce are amazing. I think this weekend or next week sometime I'll try zuchinni fritters, they also look fantastic.

On to other exciting news. Today I cashed in my points at Deloitte I've earned over the past two years for a camera that has 16.1 MP and a pretty notable zoom factor. Why you ask? Because when I go out west this summer I: a) do not want to rely on my Iphone for pictures when it has to be recharged all the time and the camera takes AA batteries so it won't have to charge b) a higher megapixel of course ;) I am supposed to get it in 10 business days, I will be counting them down, trust me :P can't wait to test it out. It's even more sweet that I didn't have to pay cash and it was earned from building awesome relationships with my co-workers and having a great performance at work.
I genuinely think that often times when you haven't earned something it means less to you, unless it comes from someone really special to you ;)
I mean look at your family and friends, people commonly go through life believing someone will always be there for them who have traditionally been there in the past. Or they rely on a person for something everytime without showing any gratitude. Maybe it's part of maturing, but even if it's not, appreciation goes such a long way, and it feels so good to share, as well as earn.
One final word.
While I may not always show that appreciate this little attacker (we call her attacker #1) above, AKA Storm. The other night I sat out reading, finishing the third book in the Game of Thrones series, and she finally calmed down layed in her bed then crawled up on my lap in the sunset. It was pretty peaceful, I was very graetful for the time I got to spend relaxing, as this is something I have to keep telling myself to do every once and a while.

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