Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sunday Funday - Quick Post - Words of Praise

I simply cannot let this night pass without making a small token of my appreciation towards a special person who has been in my life since 1997 (for all of you non-numbers people that is 16 years), who has always been there and always complimented, as well as challenged, the analytic and emotional processing abilities of my brain. 

I had the pleasure of having a late afternoon work-in-cafe date with her.It's funny, she mentioned how very different the types of work we were doing came to play, I reflected for a moment and noted in my mind how far the both of us have come and how great it was that we could share these moments together as if we were still in university together. Left is the yummy latte I had.

I am so lucky to have such a genuine, talented, colourful, beautiful, honest, tasteful, and flourishing friend in my life. This summer will conclude one of the most challenging periods in her life and I hope one of the most memorable. Such a journey will ensue for her afterwards, and I can't wait to be able to hear about her experiences as she travels.
This is a truest, as true as they come, best friend, Amanda. I snagged this photo from her grad ceremony gala because they all looked so beautiful in their gowns (she is on the left, her amazing roomie and friend Kirti is on the right).

We hadn't caught up in a few weeks so we worked for about 2 hours and Rsquared where I had a yummy latte, and then went for a bite on Queen St. W at Arepa. I had the beef tenderloin, avocado, fresco cheese, tomato arepa (see right) it was delish.
    While we ate we had a really great heart to heart of current affairs (as girls do) and it was almost like I was speaking with my intuition at times. I was reminded that as black and white ("B&W") as things are to me at times in the logical sense there are many things in life that aren't always black and white - like emotions, perhaps, when you pull apart each component leading to an emotion you could justify some B&W, not sure. Regardless I found this quote and it reminded me of what we had a discussion on. How good being on the correct path feels and never looking back at failed attempts. 

If I could tell her anything that I haven't said before it is that I truly love her, like a sister I never had, like a backbone I need in times of weakness or hurt. I only hope, she can, at times, view me equally and let me reciprocate all of the magnificent feelings on the path of life we're on.
Cheers my dear, you deserve it ;)

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